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Offline mode

Resco Mobile CRM works in real time with your server while you are online and with a locally stored, fully encrypted, database when you are offline.


No need to worry about the security of your data. We’ve got you covered. With Mobile Device Management you will stay in control of what’s happening to your data at all times.


Analyze how the mobile CRM is used by your employees in order to track ROI, make strategic decisions and track your workforce’s activities.

Interactive Maps

Not only will you know what’s happening, but also where it’s happening. Navigate to the locations of your accounts. contacts, leads, appointments and other destinations.

Mobile Dashboards

View all the information that matters to you packed in one place. Just like Microsoft Dynamics dashboards, they’re perfect for a quick glance at important data on the go.


Get an overview of what’s ahead of you. Our integrated calendar grants you the ability to create and move appointments with ease.


Add attachment to system or custom entities... and directly in your Sharepoint linked to your Dynamics CRM.


Resco Mobile is available for all devices. You can use it on Android, Windows or IOs without difficulty.

Add custom entities, new features, define UI and functionality...

Configure once, deploy everywhere!



Design a mobile view in a few easy steps. Have one or multiple with graphics, custom logic, or define views with extendable functionaly-rich rows.


Create a visually appealing form that fits perfectly to a mobile device's screen. Add pictures, map, signature and photo capturing and allow the associated entities to be presented either as a chart or a simple list. Need something extra? Create a custom HTML / Javascript form.


System entities or custom. Mobile CRM supports them all. Just added them to the mobile App.


Enrich the App with web content. Authentication support even guarantees access to your corporate web portals and other web data sources.


All what matters in one spot.


Seamlessly blend your CRM activities with personnal appointments into one calendar. Add colors for different activity types and never experience a scheduling conflict again.


See who is around you! Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Appointments or any other entity, system or custom - you name it, it can be displayed on the map. Maximize the outcome of your field trip. The unplanned visit just across the street can make a difference.



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